Listed below are a selection of various international antique firearms websites, antiques and collectors associations, gun collecting magazines and exhibitions etc.

THE ORIGINAL MIAMI BEACH ANTIQUES SHOW. - For more information please visit 
The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is Britain's largest country shooting organisation with over 120,000 members.   
The Gun Trade Association is the UK's officially recognised body representing the legitimate sporting, recreational and professional gun trade. Its mission is to promote and protect the industry at all levels.       Man at Arms Magazine, USA

Colt Collectors Association,   PO Box 2241, Los Gatos, CA. 95031-2241, $35 per year.
The American Digger magazine for diggers and collectors of America's heritage.

The Remington Society of America, email:

Civil War Data:, has records on over 2,500,000 soldiers that served in the American Civil War. A wonderful place to begin research on a soldier who served in the US Civil war.
Musquet is a website which has as its main goal to bring weapon collectors in contact with each other worldwide. .     The Antwerp Arms Fair. The best show of its kind in Belgium.
Many good dealers showing a great selection of goods.