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A very fine pair of high quality British all-brass flintlock Blunderbuss pistols. C. 1800. Ref 3753.

A very fine pair of high quality British all-brass flintlock Blunderbuss pistols. C. 1800. Ref 3753.

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A very fine pair of high quality British all-brass flintlock Blunderbuss pistols with spring-bayonets. Circa 1790-1810. This type of all brass pistols were treasured by sea- captains, pirates and other sea-faring men. The 7 inch brass barrels stamped with British proof marks. Side fitted ramrod, spring bayonet fitted underneath both barrels. Some minor dings and scratches to the stocks, Overall lengths 13 inches. Actions in good working order. Piracy peaked between 1690 and 1730 for several reasons. There were lots of vulnerable ships to attack that carried slaves from Africa to the Americas and sugar, rum and other goods from the Americas to Europe. Additionally the English and Dutch governments had used privateers during the War of the Spanish Succession. When this war ended in 1714, many privateers turned to piracy rather than accepting a less affluent life as a sailor on a merchant ship. New colonies on the American coast did not generally have the means to defend themselves against pirate attacks, so they became easy targets. Pirates had several portable weapons to choose from which they could use when boarding vessels. All of them had the disadvantage that they could only fire one shot and then had to be reloaded which took time that often was not available in the heat of battle. In addition, gunpowder weapons needed dry weather to work best, making them often unreliable and misfired or exploded. Some pirates compensated for these defects by carrying several weapons at once, the most famous of these was Edward Teach better known as Blackbeard, who was said to have fought with six pistols hung from sashes across his torso. Below is a picture of Black Beard with his flintlock pistols. Ref 3753. 

This is an obsolete antique item and is sold as a collectors item only.
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