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A rare Scottish 18th-19th century wooden battle shield or TARGE covered with brass studs. Ref 3623.

A rare Scottish 18th-19th century wooden battle shield or TARGE covered with brass studs. Ref 3623.

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A Targe is a shield which was an important item of Scottish clan weaponry. They were used in substantial numbers from the late 16th century until the middle of the 18th when weapons were proscribed in the Highlands by the Disarming Acts enforced by the British Government after the failure of the last Jacobite Rebellion in 1745.  After this time Scottish clans ceased to function as independent military organisations. Targes were effectively used at close quarters in conjunction with basket hilt swords and dirks by Highlanders in single combat, skirmishes and particularly in the battle tactic that became known as the “Highland Charge”. Constructed from wood and leather, targes in general have not survived the rigours of time in the Scottish climate as well as other traditional Scottish weapons made of iron and steel. Genuine “period” targes dating to before the mid-18th century are now very rare.

A rare and very attractive/decorative Scottish 18th century wood & leather Targe, Target or Highland battle shield. Wooden construction covered with leather and inlaid with brass studs with repairs to back. The shield is constructed of 5 pieces of wooden planks held together with the fur and leather fitted to the front. The front has a very good look, covered with skin, brass studs & a thick leather covering. 19 inches diameter. The leather is torn across the front with a narrow piece missing.  (please see photo) otherwise in good/reasonable condition. A very decorative 18th or 19th century Targe.  Ref 3623.
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