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A fine pair of flintlock Duelling pistols by Twigg London. Circa 1790-1810. FOR SALE. Ref 3589

A fine pair of flintlock Duelling pistols by Twigg London. Circa 1790-1810. FOR SALE. Ref 3589

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A very fine pair of flintlock Duelling pistols made by Twigg of London. Circa 1790-1810. The 12 inch Italian barrels engraved A. TORTIGLIONE FECIT. The gun-makers barrel mark impressed in gold to the breech. The lock-plates engraved with the makers name Twigg. John Twigg had a workshop at 132 The Strand, London circa 1732-1790. Engraved trigger guards. Steel ramrod pipes and horn tipped wooden ramrod. Actions in good working order. In very good overall condition with a few minor dings and scratches. Length 16.5 inches. A duel is an arranged engagement of combat between two people, with matched weapons and in accordance with agreed-upon rules. Duels were fought not so much to kill the opponent as to gain satisfaction that is, to restore one's honour by demonstrating a willingness to risk one's life for it. The tradition of duelling was originally reserved for the male members of nobility however duels with pistols or swords have also been fought between women. A certain Mrs. Elphinstone expected no more than a cup of tea when she paid a social call to Lady Almeria Braddock’s London home in 1792. But the visit veered off into decidedly unladylike territory when the hostess, evidently enraged by a casual comment Mrs. Elphinstone made about her age, challenged her guest to a duel in Hyde Park. According to reports, Mrs. Elphinstone fired her pistol first, knocking Lady Braddock’s hat to the ground. The women then took up swords and Lady Braddock got her revenge by wounding her opponent in the arm. The Petticoat Duel as it came to be known, ended without further incident when Mrs. Elphinstone agreed to write a letter of apology. A good honest pair of British flintlock duelling pistols. Ref 3589.

This is an obsolete antique item and is sold as a collectors item only.
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