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Here you will find over 750 items of original antique weaponry for sale including Nautical items, Percussion pistols, Flintlock pistols, Cased pairs of Antique pistols, American Revolvers, Rim-fire pistols, Bowie Knives, Scottish Dirks, Basket Hilt Swords, Naval Dirks, Hunting swords, & Firearms-curiosa, from all eras, including Medieval items, The English Civil War, The Crimean war, The Napoleonic era, The American Civil war, The American Revolutionary War, WWI & WWII.

Every item for sale is guaranteed to be original and to be of the period stated. No Licence is required to purchase genuine Antique weapons in the United Kingdom however you must be over 18 years of age to place an order with us. You must also not be a person who is prohibited by law from owning antique weapons.

Our stock has the largest selection of genuine antique weapons for sale in Great Britain. Please remember that these items are original antiques and before placing an order you should expect there to be some degree of age showing. Genuine antiques are rarely in perfect condition and will often have minor wear and blemishes which are all part of their history, so please keep this in mind and if you are looking for something in brand new condition then antiques are probably not for you. Our descriptions are honest and reliable and we try very hard to describe items fully.

Please look through our stock of antique muskets, pistols and swords from our main menu. If you are looking for a specific item, enter your search requirements in the search box on the home page. If you require further assistance in using our website or you wish to view an item at one of the shows we will be attending please email or telephone us.

If you are thinking of selling any items you will be treated fairly and receive a fair price for your goods, probably more than you would get if you were selling by auction. We know that it is sometimes difficult to make the right decision in regards to selling a collection or single-family heirloom. Please contact us by phone or email a photo of your item and we will guide you through the process.

We are constantly enlarging our Website with new additions, so please check back frequently for new arrivals.